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Spring Promo Porsche set - now only 899 EUR without VAT


Spring Promo Porsche set


For the Spring Promo we would like to offer you the Abrites Spring Promo Porsche set (PO006 + PO007) for the discounted price of 899 EUR. Using the PO006 and PO007 special functions you will be able to do everything a Porsche specialist needs to do - adaptations, corrections, advanced diagnostics - live values, module identification, actuator testing, headlight replacement and many  other functions unthinkable for an aftermarket Porsche tool. You will have full OEM coverage at a fraction of the cost. The software requires an AVDI unit to operate. You can get one from here .

Please note that if you need key learning by dump from BCM you will need the KT012 software. It requires both AVDI and a PROTAG programmer. You can get them here .

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