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Abrites diagnostics for Volkswagen/ Audi/ Skoda/ Seat/ Bentley/ Lamborghini (VAG) version 28.1


The current version of the Abrites diagnostics for VAG (28.1) Includes multiple updates for the customers working on the vehicles from the VAG group.
Most of these updates include the addition of new modules to our support list. For example:
- New VDO NEC Clusters with software versions 2013+ have been added for entering service mode. This function will be free for the customers
with VN003 as well as for the customers who have the AN050, AN048 meaning that the support for the older functions will continue.
- New EDC17 ECUs added for calibration (Free for customers with VN004 as well as customers who have the AN054).
The Update will be available to the customers with the above mention special functions and a valid AMS.