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Abrites Diagnostics for Subaru version 29.1


BREAKING NEWS for all Subaru specialists and lockmiths worldwide!

The news in regards to the Abrites diagnostics for Subaru version 29.1 are indeed great, the new addition to the software will help all customers who have had to replace smart systems when all keys are lost. Now there is no need for that, the smart systems and immobilizers can be reset thus saving you time and money. After you reset you will also be able to do key learning for this car regardless if you have a working key or not.Adding one key does not require reset. The procedure for all keys lost including the reset is done completely by OBD. For the first time in the world you will be able to do ALL KEYS lost for both Subaru Smart systems and mechanical key cars by OBD. With the new function you will be able to program keys and reset the smart system for all Subaru cars up until 2017 without the need to replace the smart system or disassemble the car to do so. When all keys are lost we now will no longer need to replace the smart system or immobilizer.

- No need to replace the SMART SYSTEM or IMMOBILIZER when all keys are lost on G chip Subaru cars. Both Mechanical and Smart keyless systems are supported.

- Smart system and immobilizer reset by OBD. You will not need to replace the smart system and immobilizer, now you can just reset them, not only that - you can now reset them by OBD.

- Using this function the cost for key learning will be significally reduced for you and your customers as now you will not need to replace the smart system, just reset!
(Free for all owners of the new SB001 special function with a valid AMS)

- NEW Subaru Smart System Key learning added for mechanical key and keyless cars - SB001.

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- In addition to all of the above ECU replacement is also available with used ECU (ECM according to Subaru terminology). You can reset the ECU and replace it
in any new car. FA20 engine cars have also been tested.