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Abrites Diagnostics for Audi/ SEAT/Skoda/ Volkswagen/ Bentley/ Lamborghini (VAG) version 28.0


With the total update of the Abrites diagnostics for VAG (version 28.0) we would like to offer our customers the new, easier to use version of our software.
Based on the requests our customers made where the special functions need to be simplified we made new special functions for VAG.

I. All current customer special functions will be kept so nothing will be lost. The new special functions are now in a very simple form according to what they do and the field of expertise of our customers:

1. VN001 - Mileage Calibration Special Function. This function includes the following existing functions:
- AN002, AN006, AN007, AN012, AN028, AN033, AN034, AN044

2. VN002 - Parts AdaptationSpecial Function. This function includes the following existing functions:
- AN003, AN004, AN005, AN006, AN007, AN008, AN010, AN011, AN014,AN015, AN021, AN022, AN023, AN025, AN029, AN032, AN034,
AN035, AN036, AN037, AN038, AN039, AN040, AN041, AN043, AN045 AN046, AN047, AN048, AN049, AN052, AN053, AN055, AN056,
AN057, AN058

3. VN003 - Key Learning Special Function.This function includes the following existing functions:
- AN006, AN007, AN018, AN019, AN021, AN022, AN023, AN024, AN025, AN026,
AN027, AN030, AN031, AN032, AN033, AN034, AN038, AN039, AN041,AN043, AN044, AN045, AN049, AN050, AN059

4. VN004 - EDC17/MED17 Boot Mode Reading. This function includes the following existing functions:
- AN042, AN051, AN054

The new unification also includes a very easy to use special function menu where the special functions are restructured to ensure that it is easier to find
all you need from the start.

Apart from the simplification we have not forgotten about the updates that will be available to our customers.

II. Here are the new features in version 28.0 other than the above:

1. Integration of the distribution box (ZN051) for reading/writing of EDC17/MED17 by boot mode. With this function we are now able to use the Abrites Distribution
Box (ZN051) to read EDC17/ MED17 via boot mode. Our new feature makes it easier for the owners of the ZN051 to operate EDC17/ MED17 in boot mode. Free for all owners of the VN004 special function. ZN051 must be purchased separately.
2. EDC17/MED17 mileage calibration through boot mode - requires the distribution box (ZN051). This feature will allow you to correct the mileage of an EDC/ MED 17 in order to match the mileage to the cars when replacing the ECU from one car to the other. Free for all owners of the VN004 special function. ZN051 must be purchased separately.
3. Reading of EDC17C64 is now possible (PFlash/DFlash, i.e. flash and EEPROM) - requires the distribution box (ZN051). Free for all owners of the VN004 special function.
4. Component protection for A6/Q7 CD Changer has been added in order to allow the exchange of the units (Panasonic non-MP3 CD changers are supported). Free for all owners of the VN002 special function.
5. A6/A7/A8 all keys lost possibility to learn keys when there is no electronic steering lock (ELV) is available in the car. Free for all owners of the VN003 special function.
6. Possibility to adapt A4/A5/Q5/A6/A7/A8 transmission (TCU) from the BCM2 and key dump (from the car from where the replacement transmission is taken. You need to read the BCM2 and key from the donor). Free for all owners of the VN002 special function.

7. VW UP 2015/2016/2017 - reading the Component Security and key programming has been added to the software.

8. Added support for Component protection for module number 09- Central electric module for A4/A5/Q5 (8K0/8T0)

All customers with valid AMS should expect their update links after January 21st 2017