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ZN041 - Abrites cable adapter set for Mercedes Benz


Dear Customers,

The Abrites team is proud to present its latest addition to the hardware range - a set of cables designed to work with the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes-Benz. The set consists of the following cables and adapters:

- Abrites main connector cable - DB25 cable with multiple banana connectors - Connects to the DB25 connector on the AVDI and allows you to connect to the rest of the cables provided as a part of our solution system;
- Abrites fuse plug - cable with one fuse plug and two banana connectors - used to connect to the ignition fuse of the car (if one is available) in order to be used with the Abrites switch relay cable;
- Abrites switch relay cable - cable with banana connectors and fuse relay - together with the Abrites fuse plug, used to increase the speed of the password extraction process 10 times;
- Abrites CAN H (High), CAN L (Low) Connectors - cable with two banana connectors and two connector needles - made to connect to the Abrites Mercedes Main Cable to perform virginization and module adaptation for ECUs, ISMs, etc.;
- Abrites LIN Connector - single cable with 1 banana connector and one connector needle - this cable is used together with the main cable to connect the K- line to PIN 7 of the OBD as per the DAS manager instructions;
- OBDII Y-connector - OBDII Cable that splits into 1 x F OBDII connector and 1 x M DB25 connector;
- 3-way D-SUB 25 connection box - 2 x M DB25 connectors and 1 x F DB25 connector.

These adapters will be available for purchase on Monday 22 August 2016 and their price will be announced on Friday 19 August 2016. They will appear in the pricelist under the name ZN041 - Abrites cable adapter set for Mercedes Benz.