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Abrites Commander for mercedes 3.0 released


* Read EEPROM of Magnetti Marelli Instrument Cluster from A-Class (W168)
* Read/Write EEPROM of Front Automatic Transmission (FTC) from A-Class (W168 up to year 2003)
* Read EEPROM of ESP control unit over CAN - tested on W211 (E-Class) and W164 (GL)
* Read EEPROM of SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control) unit over CAN - tested on W211 (E-Class)
* Added Initial Startup of EDC-15 engine control module. From this screen you can Detach the transport protection, personalize the new engine unit,write a new chassis number, select the gearbox type. With the help of the Dump Tool you can renew the EDC-15 control unit before this operation. With the help of the ECU special function you can read/write the EEPROM of the EDC-15 engine
* Added Adaptations for RFL (Radio Frequency Locking) control module (Immobilizer used in A-Class)
* Added a possibility to "Make Virgin" several Engine Control Units in the "Dump Tool"
* Added "Program replacement keys" adaptation function. This function makes it possible to significantly reduce the learning time of a new replacement key. By switching on Terminal 15, the engine control module is able to begin the learning process of a replacement key simultaneously with control module EZS. It is possible to switch the ignition on with the ABRITES Commander for Mercedes, by activating the Ignition Switch relay
* Fixed connection problems over K-line with C-Class (W203) between years 2000 - 2003
* Mileage recalibration for A-Class before year 2000 and A-Class after year 2000 (Magnetti Marrelli)
* Improved user interaction with the software - now the hardware interface will be detected automatically when plugged in a car - no need to restart the software any more