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Abrites Commander for Mercedes 3.3 released


* Adjustment of injector injection quantities adaptation for Diesel Engines (CDI-4, CDI-5). This function is useful when replacing injectors
* Dump Tool: Make Virgin for Engine Control Unit A646-CDI (95160)
* Generation of Dumps for programming keys for cars, which use DAS-3 system. With the IR Key Manager special function you can generate keys for the following vehicles: W203, W208, W209, W210, W211, W215, W219, W220, W230, W639. The generated dumps should be programmed in the EZS, ESL and the key. For the key all NEC processors and the following Motorola processor is supported: MA 567 880 051, 654 367 2004.
* Read/Write/Unlock EEPROM of ESL for the following vehicles: W202, W208, W209, W210, W203, W211, W215.
* Added SCR control unit (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to the list of devices that can be diagnosed
* SOON - NEC programmer, which will be used together with the AVDI interface. This NEC programmer will support erasing, reading and writing the processors which are inside the Mercedes smart keys