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Abrites Commander for BMW 5.1 released


* Read / Program VEHICLE ORDER DATA by OBDII. You can easy add new modules to the vehicle (like xenon lights and s.o.). You can easy remove units from the vehicle so will be easy later reprogramming FLASH memory of the elctronic control units independed that existing vihicle configuration not meet requirements of SSS reprogramming system
* Program keys by OBDII - CAS2 systems (free update for BN003)
* Program milleage by OBDII - CAS2 systems (free update for BN003)
* Reading flash memory from engine control units by OBDII (BOSCH EDC16x, BOSCH DDE4, BOSCH BMS46, SIEMENS MS41/MS42/MS43/MS50/MS52/MS54, BOSCH ME7)
* New user interface for programming of keys CAS1/CAS2/CAS3