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Abrites Commander for BMW 5.4 released


* !!! HIT !!! Introduced abilities for reprogramming flash memory of all electronic control units in the vehicle by OBDII. Flash file can be selected from the user. No restrictions how many time will be reflashed units. Available actual database with flash images for all electronic control units. Now if you have electronic control unit with correct hardware but incorrect software (for example intended for other type vehicle) you can easy exchange software. No more restrictions like dealer's tools ICOM and SSS.
* !!! HIT !!! Introduced functions for displaying history of all electronic contol units in the vehicle. Now we have information about whole reprogramming history of vehicle (known like UIF history). We know when, where, from who is reprogrammed vehicle. We know mileage while reprogramming. We know VIN history of the vehicle.
* !!! HIT !!! Introduced UIF EDITOR (history of reprogramming)!