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As a company, we at ABRITES, consider it crucial to stay connected  to our clients. We believe that in this modern world, where technology serves as the communicational bridge between individuals, it is essential to maintain occasional live interaction, as well. As some of you may be aware, last year, on the 26th of October, we hosted an opening event for our new office in Chioggia (Italy). We had planned a couple of other events, but we could not realize them, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, which erupted in the beginning of March.

We are now happy to announce that we are going to host our first official exhibition on the 24th of October (Saturday). The event will be held according to all health and safety regulations. As the name of the expo suggests, the main theme is orientated towards all sorts of technology solutions products, therefore you can expect to see advertised products not only from Abrites, but also from the following companies: Ivaylov Professional Decoder, AutoKey Italia, Wendt, ZSYSTEM.         

Additionally, we are going to provide all the visitors with the option to take part in live-trainings (related to special functionalities of products such as the AVDI, ProTag and others). We believe that it is essential for those who start in the field or want to improve their technical skills, up to an advanced or proffesional level of automotive solution know-how.  

Throughout the whole day, ABRITES Italy is also going to run an in-store campaign associated with all the latest products that have been released. This means that all the visitors would have the chance to buy new products, directly from the event, at better prices and user terms.

The event starts  at 9:00 AM, on 24.10.2020, at Via Brondolo, 13/A (30015 Chioggia VE, Italy), where our local headquarters is located. Register HERE.

We look forward to seeing you there!

ABRITES Italy Team