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For 15 years we have been striving to achieve the impossible. And we still persevere. This November is Abrites Anniversary Month!

We are turning the tradition around - for our birthday we will be giving the presents! Every week during November we will present to you special offers, exclusive only for that respective week. 

For the week beginning on 16 November, we have the following offers for you: 

  • ABRITES Anniversary Starter Package - AVDI for only 799 EUR (shipping included). ZN002 PROTAG and ATC01 Tough case for FREE when the AVDI is purchased! 
  • BMW Key package - complete set of key programming special functions (BN010, BN012 and BN013) for 3 500 EUR. 2 000 EUR of functions FREE when the BMW key programming package is purchased. 

Please note that the 2 000 EUR can only be used for special functions to be activated on the same interface as the one for which the BMW Key Package was purchased and they need to be used all in the same order - no credit for a future order may remain. 

Prices do not include VAT! 

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