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Learn more about Abrites- past, present and future


Abrites is a leading multi-brand diagnostic software development company in the automotive world. The company was founded in 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria and has been a major factor in the aftermarket diagnostic equipment manufacturing ever since.

The company specializes in solutions where others, including the OEM diagnostic equipment often fail.

Abrites is best known for its achievements in the fields of key programming and module replacement to mention just a few. The constant strive to outperform its competitors and often the OEM diagnostic tools has earned Abrites it’s “achieve the impossible” slogan which makes the company recognizable throughout the automotive specialist spectrum from small repair shops, locksmiths to large service centers and chains of repair shops. In recent years Abrites has been steadily improving its basic diagnostic functions and guided functions to provide a quality diagnostics building more and more on Abrites’ status as a “one stop shop” automotive solution.


On a different note – Abrites’ ventures in the world of fleet management are steadily being established as a leader in this field as well with fleet management provided and supported by us in 5 European countries applied to buses and taxis.


The ever expanding and innovative company that is Abrites we always participate in the most celebrated automotive exhibitions all over the world to show our latest automotive diagnostic software developments through demonstrations, training courses and seminars for our existing and future customers.


What does the future hold for Abrites and our customers?

- We have never stopped developing our products and we will continue to do so for the upcoming years. You will continue to see all our secret, not so secret and expected new features roll out of our development centers so be sure that as the automotive industry evolves – we will not only be with it but we will do all we can to stay a step ahead of it and our competitors as we have for the past 14 years.