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EM006 and EM007


EM006 EMULATOR – ODOMETER CALIBRATION EMULATOR (W204, W212) The Abrites EM006 Emulator is designed to assist the calibration of vehicles when this cannot be achieved diagnostically. EM007 EMULATOR – ODOMETER CORRECTION EMULATOR WITH CABLE SET (W204, W212) The Abrites EM007 Emulator is designed to assist the calibration of vehicles when this cannot be achieved diagnostically. It comes equipped with a cable set which is used to connect to the cluster.

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EM004 and EM005


New Emulators allowing video in motion for the Mercedes vehicles to have video play while the car is in motion for the vehicles that do not have this option from the coding menu is now available. Please follow the link below for details! EM004 EM005

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The latest additions to our ABRITES Diagnostics for VAG are now available to our customers in the form of TWO BRAND NEW special functions - VN012 and VN013 VN012 - Security data extraction for VAG vehicles with Magneti Marelli 9GV ECU This function will allow customers to perform module adaptation (for immo parts) and key learning (both adding key and ALL KEYS LOST) by reading the security data (PIN and CS) of the 9GV ECU. The procedure is done by OBDII if there is a working key present or on the bench (using the ZN051 Distribution Box without opening the ECU) in case all keys are lost.

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Dear Customers, We would like to let you know that due to the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, the office will be open on 27 and 28 December only. This means that orders will ONLY be processed on those two days and replies from the technical support team might take a little longer than usual. Our office will be open for the new year as usual on 2 January 2019. We would like to thank you for the understanding and wish you happy holidays as well as a productive new year! Your ABRITES team!

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Dear Customers, As 2018 draws to a close, the eagerly anticipated Christmas promotion is at our doorstep! This year, it will begin on Monday, 3 December 2018 and will end on Sunday, 16 December 2018 giving us the necessary time to process the orders before the holidays. Please find the conditions of this year's Christmas promotion and relevant pricing below: - AVDI + ATC01 - 699 EUR - ABRITES Key and Module replacement set for Mercedes-Benz (includes MN026, ZN002 PROTAG, ZN036 IR Adapter and ZN051 Distribution Box) - 1 999 EUR - PSA BSI Exchange set (includes PN015 and PN016) - 1 999 EUR - AVDI Key Package v10 SOFTWARE ONLY - 15 499 EUR (includes VN003, VN006, VN009, PO008, NN006, FN017, MI007, HK008, VL004, FR008, BK002, BN010, BN012, BN013, ON013, RR012, RR015, RR017, KT012, DF002, TN007, MN026, PN016, JL002, SB001) - AVDI Full Package v13 SOFTWARE ONLY - 23 999 EUR (VN001, VN002, VN003, VN004, VN005, VN006, VN007, VN009, VN010, PO006, PO008, PO009, NN006, FN013, FN014, FN015, FN017, MI005, MI007, HK007, HK008, VL003, VL004, FR005, FR008, FR009, BK002, BN010, BN011, BN012, BN013, ON010, ON013, ON014, RR011, RR012, RR014, RR015, RR016, RR017, KT012, DF002, TN007, CR006, CR007, MN020, MN021, MN026, MN027, PN009, PN015, PN016, JL002, JL003, SB001) - 25% discount on ALL special functions (includes packages listed in our pricelist) We would like to wish you a great end to the year, happy holidays and an amazing 2019 filled with happy moments and success.

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Уважаемые клиенты! Абритес с радостью сообщает о запуске своего официального, российского интернет-магазина для наших русскоговорящих клиентов ( С его помощью клиенты смогут легче заказать аппаратное оборудование, а также программное обеспечение и лицензии полностью на русском языке. Мы надеемся, что это облегчит работу с Абритес. С наилучшими пожеланиями, Ваша команда Абритес Dear Customers, Abrites is happy to announce the launch of its Russian online store aimed at our Russian-speaking clients (shop-ru.

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