Abrites diagnostics for Renault/ Dacia 7.2

One of the major improvements in the past few months was the Abrites diagnostics for Renault. The software grew immensley and our development team
moved yet another step closer to being the Golden standard for Renault and Dacia vehicles.
Our new (RR014) special function builds on where the airbags (RR013) function started and establishes a trend that all of our service specialist customers working on Renault/ Dacia will surely appreciate. (RR014 - update from airbag; free for all users of RR013)
- EEPROM/Odometer reading and writing for Renault Scenic II (Free for all customers with a valid AMS and RR009).
- Improved recognition of K-Line ECUs The Abrites diagnostics for Renault team compromised and moved a step backwards to develop on the K-line cars but this
was really necessarry because of the vehicles that needed assistance (Free for all customers with a valid AMS).