There have been guided functions added to the Abrites diagnostics for BMW:

1. Reset LM Short circuit counter e60,e61,e63,e64

2. EGR reset adaptation values F-series, E series

Dear Customers and Partners,
The Abrites team would like to wish you a happy summer and we would also like to inform you that we have prepared many new features in our July 2017 software
update for you. We hope you find them as useful as we do and that you enjoy using them as much as we do. Here is what you can expect in this update.
Please expect your links in the beginning of July.

This time the Abrites diagnostics for Porsche team focused a lot on the guided fuctions featured in the software.
The features now include many service guided calibrations that will allow Porsche specialists to perform the following:

1. Steering wheel electronics (Panamera, Cayenne 2011+, Boxster 981, 911 991, Spyder, Macan):

- Steering angle sensor calibration

2. Electrical Parking Brake (Panamera, Cayenne 2011+, Boxster 981, 911 991, Spyder):

- Check basic setting of electrical parking brake

- Grinding-in

- Calibration

- Move to installation position

- Release

- Clamp

3. Electrical Parking Brake (Macan):

- Initial start-up

- Move to installation position

- End assembly position

4. Level control (Panamera, Cayenne 2011+, Macan):

- Height sensor system component test

- Height sensor system calibration

5. Level control ( Boxster 981, 911 991, Spyder):

- PASM/PADM commissioning

- Calibration

6. PDK (Boxster 987, 911 997, Panamera, Boxster 981, 911 991, Spyder):

- Calibration (complete process). This allows the complete replacement of the transmission control unit.

With this the Abrites diagnostics for Porsche moves another step up in terms of a complete diagnostic solution for Porsche specialists in terms of
module recalibration when replacing electronic modules or repairing separate electronic modules in Porsche vehicles.
All the features above will be free for the owners of PO007 and a valid AMS.


For the July 2017 there will be only one new feature - there has been a new ECU added for support in the software - Magneti Marelli 8GMK
It is supported for Reading/ Writing ConfData as well as making the ECU Virgin. Replacement of faulty ECU is now easy using these features.
The function will be free for all customers with a valid AMS and the FN015 special function.

In this incarnation of the Abrites Diagnostics for Opel/ Vauxhall we now offer diagnostics for the new generation of Opel/ Vauxhall vehicles and at the
same time we want to inform all our customers that new updates for the special functions for these vehicles are on their way to you.
We now feature diagnostics for the following new models: Adam, Ampera, Astra K, Cascada, Corsa E, Insignia B and Karl/Viva.
Not only that but we have started working with other models thoughout the GM brand range. Such vehicles will include the following brands:
Alpheon, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Daewoo, GMC, Holden and Ravon.
The Update will be free for all customers with a valid AMS.

The Abrites diagnostics for VAG team prepared something really interesting for service and repair shops with this update.
In version 29.0 of the Abrites diagnostics for VAG software you will be able to find the new VN005 special function also known as - Immo III/IV emulation
It allows to replace immo-related parts in another vehicle, even when the brand is different or power class is different.
The function works for the transmissions of Audi A6 2003-2010, Audi Q7 2005-2015, Audi A8 2003-2010,
and for all Immo III/IV engine control units (EDC16/EDC17/ME7/MED9/MED17/Simos benzin/Simos PPD/Simos PCR/Magneti Marelli/Delphi).
Apart from that the function will require the EM003 emulator purchased from the Abrites online store or our partners. It also requires you to have internet
connection and a power supply for the car as the process takes up to 5 hours.
VN005 can be purchased from our online store or through our partners' network.

NB!!! VN002 is needed in order for the VN005 to work.

In the version 5.7 of the software we have updates to solve problems mostly for key learning, now we can assist with locksmith customers with an update for the 12 digit PIN code calculation by Glovebox label number. This allows you to perform key learning for the intermediate generation Nissan vehicles such as the K12 Micra and many others.
- Added key learning for Q50/QX50 IK 2014+ and Maxima IK 2016+
Both of these features will be available for customers who have NN005 and a valid AMS.

The current version provides the following new features ready for this update:
- Implemented adaptation of a virgin/renewed UCH using a blank key/card and PROTAG for preparing it.Free for owners of the RR014 special function and a valid AMS.
- Implemented Change ID for UDS vehicles (Talisman, Megane IV, Kadjar e.t.c)
- Implemented FLASH/EEPROM Read/Write, Clear IMMO Code for EMS3132, EMS3134, SIRIUS35 and FLASH/DFLASH Read/Write through BOOT mode for MED17(with DFLASH checksum update). Free for owners of the RR011 special function and a valid AMS.
- Implemented Renew (Clear Crash) for the following airbag module: Continental for Twingo II, Kangoo II, Megane III, Laguna III, Fluence, Latitude and Autoliv for Laguna III. Free for owners of the RR014 special function and a valid AMS.
- Improved Kangoo II / Clio III / Master III key learning. Free for owners of the RR012 special function and a valid AMS.
- Improved key learning of Clio IV 2017. Free for owners of the RR012 special function and a valid AMS.
- Improved Trafic II key learning. Free for owners of the RR012 special function and a valid AMS.

In this generation of the software we have a new special function (FR009). This function allows the clearing of the crash data from the RCM module
using 4 simple button clicks. Read, clear, write, clear DTCs. The function covers the RCMs using the following processor: XC23xx data flash
For FORD/ Mazda/ JLR and Volvo as well as Ford/ JLR RCMs with the following processor: TMS470 + EEPROM 25320/25640 .

The Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes, in its new incarnation manages to improve its EZS password extracting to up to 4 times the speed compared to version 10.0. Especially in terms of vehicles without ESL (7G tronic automatic vehicles mostly).

- There has been an addition to the support list for a version of the W639 that was previously unsupported and also two new ESL models for the W176/W246/W117 have been added as they were unrecognized before.